Minggu, 24 April 2011

old habbbit never gone

so here I am
at the hour of my presence
postpone the fact
become something else

It stop when it commanded
but it fun to keep doing it
No, addiction just for they
who has short view

everyday you have to wake up
with thanking
and greeting
no matter if you were alone

because the universe is need love
so do it!
have ever see people talk to plan?
it just small world

the pure idea is only in your mind
because when you pull it out
it become stain
because the world is not pure

everyone come naked
so you thing when you grow up
you should naked like monkey?
how modern is your mind.

unless you are selling something
you gift an open
of enjoyment of your
and all the near

or you should close yourself
stand a secret and untold story
are enjoy if that the way?
but some are do relieve

do you ever overhear when people spread hatred?
do you stop it?
I don't
I don't want to.


when the eye you use are also the same eye of the hater
you got doubt on what you seeing
but it will be nice if you stand still
because the one who holding you out
is only you.

good bye
keep loving
if you strong enough

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